Monday, November 2, 2009

Monica Rich Kosann's byline is "Family is Always in Fashion." It not only applies to the exquisite black and white portraits featured in her latest book, The Fine Art of Family, but to the expertly crafted lockets and charms she fashions to hold memories of those who are dear to us.

Monica was recently featured in Town and Country Magazine and has her own boutique inside Manhattan's own Bergdorf Goodman. Like many of us in the jewelry business, crafting objects in precious metal was not her life- long dream. As a professional photographer, Monica was frustrated with the lack of quality frames and cases available to her clientele for housing the heirloom photos of their children and family members that she so lovingly captured. And so a new business was born!

Initially she manufactured handsome frames and keepsakes. But several years ago a client suggested they would like to wear their photos, but their were no lockets available of any quality or style. Bingo! A new collection of jewelry was born.

My favorite part of the collection is the Gate Series, which features a gate-like design in front of the first photo. These lockets can house 2 or up to 3 photos; perfect for mothers with more than one child or special pet. Until now, the only locket collection I have seen that could earn the title "heirloom," is a German line by Victor Mayer, famous for their license to make Faberge Egg replicas plus enamel lockets. Still, the Victor Mayer lockets are only made in 18kt yellow and white gold, and start around $1,400.00 for something very simple.
This is simply out of many people's price range for a quality locket.

Monica's lockets are available in sterling silver or 18kt yellow gold, so the price range is great, with single image silver lockets on a chain starting at under $210! The lockets come in a variety of finishes, including hand engraving, and they are solid and sturdy. Really built to last. The chains are of excellent quality as well, and I was pleasantly surprised how chunky the pieces are! No small, wimpy lockets or chains here. You're proud of your family and you're not going to hide them! (For those of you who don't like anything too oversized, there are plenty of diminutive pieces as well.)

We'll be putting out Monica's new collection this week, so stop by and take a look. In the meantime, you can check out more at!