Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Temple Engagement is Here!

I'm so excited about Temple St. Clair's new line of engagement rings in platinum, white gold and, of course, Temple's signature 18kt yellow gold! True to Temple's aesthetic, these semi-mountings are beautifully tailored and timeless, but with the small, elegant details that make everything Temple...well, Temple! And if you're wondering what the single bead is at the bottom of each ring: it's an archer's bead! Oh, so now I've got your attention? Well, then, read on...

In Europe during the Medeival and Rennaissance ages, archery was more than a sport, it was a means of survival. To better their chances of hitting their mark, archers wore a simple ring or band that had a bead on the bottom to better catch and then "hold" the bow as

you pulled it back. Temple discovered this little known detail while researching ancient jewelry designs in Italy and has incorporated it into every ring she makes. She even named one of her sons "Archer!"