Thursday, November 13, 2014

We love our Temple St. Clair jewelry!  And from time to time, we are asked if Temple has been up to anything especially interesting, since she is known for her world travels.  Well, this week is unique indeed!

Temple has collaborated with fine artist and friend, Nancy Lorenz, to create a nine-piece collection called the Mythical Creatures from the Golden Menagerie.  Temple, using her renowned old-world craft techniques and discerning eye for unusual, superior gemstones transformed couture jewels into one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry, including five rings, two sets of earrings, a bracelet, and a necklace.  Each piece is housed in its respective Japanese collector’s box covered by the painted work of Lorenz.   

Horned Owl
The whimsical collection is inspired by creatures, both mythical and real, featuring exceptionally rare and high valued gemstones, such as Australian Andamooka opal, German hauyn, and Brazilian Paraiba tourmaline. 

Phoenix Bird

Additionally, Temple commissioned Florentine artisans to line each box by creating custom leather jewelry boxes that fit perfectly into Lorenz’s boxes.  

Sleeping Fox

To illustrate the inspiration and process behind each piece, the designer is creating individual books encapsulating all nine pieces, featuring imagery and photographs by renowned National Geographic photographer, Robert Clark.  The books will be hand bound in Florence and personalized with the name of the purchasing private collector. 

Mythical Creatures from the Golden Menagerie will be exhibited this week, November 13-15, 2014,  at the Park Avenue Armory during the Salon of Art & Design.  The collection will travel to Paris in January to be exhibited at the Pierre Berge Yves Saint Laurent Foundation week of Haute Couture.  Each piece will be delivered to its respective owner after the Paris exhibition.

Flying Fish
 Read an article written about the collection in Architectural Digest by clicking here. 

Medusa Jellyfish