Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Jenn Whitekiller, Head Jewelry Designer

What an exciting time to be a jewelry designer! I've been in the industry for almost nine years now, and I have to say that the latest trends in jewelry design have been among my favorites!
One of the hottest trends right now is pink gold, commonly referred to as "rose gold." The soft pink color is obtained by alloying (or mixing) copper and yellow gold resulting in a very unique color. The pink hued gold looks incredible when paired with white diamonds, as well as white gold, and can take on a particularly charming look when juxtaposed with the rugged appearance of rough or rose cut diamonds. I am also seeing rose gold used in settings with colored stones like amethyst, topaz, sapphire, and natural colored diamonds. One of my favorite combinations is that of natural, cognac colored diamonds and rose gold. The warm tones play off of each other for an unexpectedly pleasing look. 

Another trend that continues to gain attention is the use of rough or rose cut diamonds in place of traditional cuts. Rough cut diamonds come in many interesting colors and shapes. Some are used in their natural cubic form while others look more like a rock plucked from a river bed (and in some cases they are just that!). Rose cut diamonds traditionally have a smooth, flat surface on one side with a multi-faceted surface on the opposite side. Rose cuts are particularly interesting because they allow for a variety of color (or clean and clear) while still giving off a little sparkle.

Whether I am starting from scratch with a rose cut diamond or sapphire, or have been provided with stones that a client wishes to incorporate into the design, our custom design process is fun and exciting for us as well as the client. Many times we start with a few different sketches that incorporate the ideas and details that the client wishes to capture in the new piece. Once a drawing has been decided upon, the piece is often created in a 3D, wax form making it easier for the client to visualize the size and scale of the piece as well as where the stones and metal detail will be placed. From this point the piece is cast in the chosen metal, and then given the appropriate finish and texture once the stones have been set. The entire experience is very personal, and the client is involved every step of the way, making custom design at Naifeh Fine Jewelry a truly memorable experience.